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Shower Room You Choose? Take A Look At This
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Shower room into the bathroom of the family history is so long. Because it is affordable, simple to install, functional and decorated family has become the preferred. A wide variety of shower brands currently on the market, from functional to brand a wide range, and so on. Shower convenient and durable, elegant, choose the shower room brand of attention to what issues?

Functionally speaking, shower on the market today can be divided into three types:

First: shower screens

This shower room function is relatively simple, but the price is relatively cheap;

Second: shower room

Basic functional is relatively high;

Third: steam room

High-end shower room, shower features the most complete, so the price is higher than the first two price.

1, shower screens

Shower screens is one of the most simple shower room screen surrounded by glass, mainly play the role of separation of wet and dry in order to keep the bathroom clean. Generally used for relatively small apartment bathroom space, concise fashion, do not need to pay too much money, will open bright home bathroom space effect.

2, shower room

Shower type room for larger bathroom space, because it has a fully enclosed, very suitable for bathing at low winter temperatures, compared with shower screen, it is easy to install, and equipped with showers, faucets, shower facilities, as well as some small pendants, easy to store, flexible, can also carry on the back and foot massage.

3, steam room

Computer steam room, steam shower system system, massage system consists of three parts. Current steam room shower systems are generally top shower head and hand-held shower. Independent steam holes distribute steam system is through the bottom of the steam, and you can enjoy dipping into drugs in the pill box steam in order to achieve the objective of health care. Physiotherapy massage system mainly with acupuncture and massage on the shower wall holes from the water, and water pressure on the body with acupuncture and massage, plus surf massage, foot reflexology.