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Shower Room Size Measurement Method
- Apr 05, 2017 -

1 shower room measurement considerations

Shower room size is based on room size, choosing the right shower products. Large space from the comfort, easy to think in terms of shower, has a number of options, but small space to make full use of, to select the push and pull that takes up less room design and the interior design, combined with the racks, make full use of space.

Should also be considered in selecting the size shower room style paired with bathroom overall effect, select the shape (such as angle or arc) echo shape as far as possible the bathroom Cabinet, toilet, reasonable layout, creating a relaxed environment.

Shower room height:

Ceiling height is usually 2.4M, so the height of the shower room is generally 1.8M to 2m, can also be adjusted according to family size, and still need to pay attention to the location of the shower put too low easy to splash, too high a barrier and affect the appearance and breathability.

Shower room width:

Shower room width is based on ensuring bodies can turn freely without bumping into the glass. 900x900mm shower room size, body fat or tall If your family, can do much more, such as 1000mmx1000mm. If bathroom space is limited, 850x850mm also, but it is best not less than 800mm.

2 shower room size measurement method

1, finished measurements:

Rectangle square shower---measure length width and height are required to comply with specifications, reserve size should be slightly larger than the actual product specification 20mm. ---Measuring radii curved diamond-type fan-shaped product and diagonal size, reserved size should be slightly larger than the actual product specification 20mm.

2, screens measuring:

Measure the distance between two walls, respectively, on the lower size, depending on the style taking the average or minimum.

3, a special shape measurement: If there are more rectangular hollow, glass, masonry cutting gaps, holes, such as the shower room to be exact measurements are deducted or addition make up part of the dimension.