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Shower Room Maintenance
- Apr 05, 2017 -

1, maintenance of tempered glass

Do not use sharp objects hit or knock against the glass surface, so as to avoid damage do not use corrosive liquids, wipe the glass surface; do not use rough material, wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches. Once the signs of cracks or defects, be sure to inform manufacturers of after-sales service the first time, and give the replacement and maintenance.

2, maintenance of aluminum alloy frame

(1) to prevent the direct exposure of the Sun, or it will cause spray fade;

(2) do not use corrosive liquids or materials to wipe;

(3) not use rough material (including toothpaste), wipe the surface;

(4) do not depict the surface with a sharp object, if the aluminum surface stains, wipe with a neutral detergent soluble with water.

3, hardware maintenance

-Sliding shower doors, there are slides and sliding wheels in two ways. Pulleys, sliders in use should be taken to avoid collision events below, so as to avoid door fall off; note that periodically clean the Rails, wheels, sliders, and lubrication (oil or lubricating wax) regularly adjusting the slider adjustment screw, ensure effective slider door bearing and good sliding.

4, bath, maintenance of the chassis

Do not use a sharp blow or impact acrylic surface, so as to avoid damage to wipe the acrylic surface do not use corrosive liquids, so as not to damage surface; do not use rough material clean the acrylic surface to avoid scratches; while cleaning the shower walls and basin at the end of, you should use a soft dry cloth. Slight dirt, use a soft cloth or sponge and mild detergent for cleaning in hard dirt is cleared, please use alcohol to clean.

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