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How To Choose A Shower Floor
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Shower room floor material, there are two selection modes: between the acrylic and ceramic. Ceramics is the heaviest, preferred for use by the public, because there are very resistant to time (shelf life), easy to clean. Light options is made of acrylic and is easy to install and clean. Time for this type of material will begin to rot, and change its color's shortcomings. According to the manufacturer of different shapes and sizes, they can be irregular, square and rectangular shapes. Sizes range from 3.5 to 5.5 feet.

Resin shower is made of soft materials, lost property in a much shorter time. At the end of its life cycle, at bottom, can appear dull, worn out. Is a serious problem, some showers and sliding the tray, resulting in falling in the shower, this may cause bad injuries. In order to reduce this risk, the manufacturers of surface textures are used in all models of, for his own safety, consider using the exhibition of rubber pad.

If you want to transform your bathroom, you have to buy a new shower room, you have to believe you will know how to install a waterproof device, and how to make appropriate housing. Shower room sat on the floor, bases have been established. The base can prevent water leakage, on the wall and prevent wood rot here, it also helps to prevent mildew and mold.