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Different Space For Shower Room
- Dec 08, 2017 -



    Standard shower room is produced by the merchants, in the material, style, size, accessories have uniform standards, you can also mix the chassis, rack and other items. Complete the purchase, convenient, safety is also high.


    Applicable family: the space is relatively moderate, work more quickly, more attention to the use of safe products.


    Among them, intelligent integral shower room is on the foundation of standard shower room added to the bathtub, sound equipment, massage, sauna, steam, etc. many intelligent set, not only the chassis, but also and roof, as well as the unique exhaust facilities, water vapor, not arbitrary. In the installation must be kept in a socket, and pay attention to moisture.



    Applicable family: bathroom space is relatively large, there are plenty of sanitary ware budget, like to enjoy the bathroom life of the family.

More common classic shower room style has the following four, the owners can choose according to their own interests and the actual situation.




          Applicable family: narrow the space that defend bath, shower area representing just a wall or in a            corner and  nearly half of all families will choose this, relatively affordable price, without adding chassis,      just add a water  retaining strip.